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Title: Knowing You
Artist: Popnuvo feat. Young Scott Perrie
Played: 30 times

Popnuvo featuring Young Scott Perrie - “Knowing You”

This was my favorite song from sixth grade to eighth grade. I had downloaded it on Napster as a promoted song.  But the song that was being pushed was ‘Wanting You’ by Aniq, and I had unknowingly downloaded a mislabeled MP3. The summer before high school my computer crashed and I lost all the music I had. Considering my computer’s memory was all of 8GB, this was not a huge loss quantifiably, but it was emotionally. Almost entirely because of this song. This was in 2001. I have been trying to find it since then. Considering the limits of pre-high speed internet and iTunes, this search provided limited returns early on. I did eventually discover the true artists and title through lyric searches, but it was always unavailable on any platform I searched, as well as any extensive information on the song’s origin. Tonight, over a decade later, I was lamenting on this quest on Twitter and a friend (who I have never met in person, but now feel forever emotionally indebted to) just so happened to have it. I am listening to this on repeat and couldn’t be happier.